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Can CFQ help you?

"Truly, there is
no mystery about life. The only mystery is your fascination about it."

Master Yap Soon-Yeong
Founder CFQ

Master Yap Soon-Yeong, Founder CFQ Qigong

CFQ is helpful for people who are looking for a path to learn relaxation techniques that support and enhance their everyday lives, reducing the effects of stress and enhancing well-being and peacefulness.


​When practiced daily, typical benefits of CFQ include:
  • slowed effect of aging

  • increased confidence

  • improvement in chronic conditions

  • increased immune function

  • musculoskeletal realignment

  • freedom from excessive thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks,
    emotional distress and fear

  • more restful sleep

  • mental clarity, focus and a reduction in mind chatter


CFQ is simple, versatile and requires no equipment. Movements are done in a slow rhythmic manner and promote full use of the body in both standing and seated positions.


Because of the gentleness of the movements, CFQ can be practiced by people of all ages and almost any condition of health. Expectant mothers are advised to wait until after delivery to begin their practice.


My best advice

Let go and approach CFQ with an open heart and mind to find out for yourself whether CFQ healing is helpful for you.


Give CFQ a try

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