CFQ Qigong is a healing system designed to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit.


Level 1 Dynamic Healing - uses a 15 minute series of movements called the "hexagram" plus a number of complementary movements. Performing these movements in a meditative way opens the meridians in the body, allowing a downward flushing to restore and rejuvenate the body's systems.


Level 2 Meditating on Presence - goes deeper in your experience of healing. Practitioners who have completed Level 1 and are seeing good results are then able to attend a Level 2 Meditating on Presence workshop. Every practitioner is different, although a good guideline is about 6 months of consistent Level 1 practice before moving on. 


Online Workshops

Level 1 CFQ Qigong Dynamic Healing

Learn the movements for CFQ Qigong healing to support your journey toward wellness. The workshop includes 12 hours of training and provides an opportunity to connect deeply with the movements with ample practice time between classes.

Workshop details:

  • no special equipment required, but have a yoga mat or blanket/towel handy

  • wear loose, comfortable clothing

  • it is best to perform the movements in bare or sock feet

  • dress in layers in case your room temperature fluctuates

  • have a water bottle and snacks for longer sessions

  • a workbook will be provided in PDF format

  • movements are done in a slow, rhythmic way and require no physical strength

  • for those with physical restrictions, movements can be done in a seated position

  • daily practice is recommended for most beneficial effects

  • you won't sweat

Cost may be covered under corporate wellness programs. Check with your employer.

To participate online, you will need reliable internet, computer or mobile device with camera and microphone. If you're using mobile please use wifi and plug in to save your battery.

No online classes are currently scheduled. However, I offer private workshops for individuals, couples, or groups. This allows me to tailor the length of class time to your needs and schedules. Contact me about setting up private training.

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