Private Workshops

Level 2 - Meditating on Presence:

To go deeper in your experience of healing, practitioners who have completed Level 1 and are seeing good results are then able to attend a Level 2 Meditating on Presence workshop. Every practitioner is different, although a good guideline is about 6 months of consistent Level 1 practice before moving on. 

Level 1 CFQ Qigong Dynamic Healing

Workshops include 12 hours of in-class training that  provides students an opportunity to connect deeply with the movements and supports practice time between classes to initiate the healing process.

CFQ Qigong is a healing system designed to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. Level 1 uses a 15 minute series of movements called the "hexagram." Performing these movements in a meditative way opens the meridians in the body, allowing a downward flushing to restore and rejuvenate the body's systems.


Workshop details:

  • no special equipment required, but bring along a yoga mat or blanket/towel 

  • wear loose, comfortable clothing

  • it is best to perform the movements in bare or sock feet

  • dress in layers in case the room temperature fluctuates

  • bring a water bottle and snacks for longer sessions

  • a workbook will be provided

  • movements are done in a slow, rhythmic way and require no physical strength

  • for those with physical restrictions, movements can be done in a seated position

  • daily practice is recommended for most beneficial effects

  • you won't sweat

Cost may be covered under corporate wellness programs. Check with your employer.


I offer private workshops for individuals, couples or groups. This allows me to tailor the length of class time to your needs and schedules. I can come to your location in the Halifax area or offer training in the Timberlea area. Contact me to learn more and schedule your training.


Level 1 training in the Halifax area is $200 per person (tax included).

Once you've taken Level 1, you're welcome to attend online meetups to help deepen your practice, or request in-person practice groups or coaching.


Corporate demos and workshops:

If you are looking to introduce a wellness initiative in the workplace, we can customize a 1-3 hour information session and demo or a complete 12 hour workshop at a location in the Halifax area. 


Learn why I practice CFQ Qigong.




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Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong (CFQ Qigong)
Level 1 Dynamic Healing techniques support your everyday life and offers a map to rescue yourself and arrive at physical and emotional well-being. 


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