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My CFQ story

I've been practicing CFQ since 2009 and train extensively with local instructors as well as the Founder, Master Yap Soon-Yeong. I firmly believe our bodies have the innate ability to heal if we are able to tap into its wisdom and free ourselves from debilitating thoughts.

My journey

Since the mid-nineties I have studied several energy and meridian-based healing methods as well as mind body practices. I have found CFQ to provide beneficial healing beyond the significant effects of these other modalities. I feel blessed to have found a complete system and a true path to wellness, freedom from pain and illness, and a map to uncover my self-nature.


Healing my body, mind, and spirit

In terms of physical healing, I have recovered completely from sciatica and vertigo, food sensitivities, chronic indigestion, along with other minor ailments. My ability to relax has greatly improved and I now live a more productive life. Panic attacks are rare, very minor and quickly resolved. I'm happier, less judgmental of myself and others and I'm connecting to spirit in a way that leaves no doubt about my purpose. My self-confidence has increased while my attachment to my fears has decreased substantially. Overall, I'm happier, better able to deal with everyday stresses and find joy in simple things. 


There are many other profound healing stories I'd love to share with you.


My wish for you

I believe all sentient beings have the right to live a happy and productive life free of disturbing thoughts and pain. May you be well and happy and find peacefulness through your chosen path. If you would like to journey with me and learn CFQ, please contact me.

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