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Upcoming CFQ Qigong Online Workshop

2020 was the great disruptor. Most of us found ways to cope as best we could, some remain struggling. What I learned is that softness and acceptance transforms a challenge into an opportunity, changing our mindset, so we don't remain stuck in our fears and emotions. CFQ Qigong is a healing system that helps you keep moving toward wellness, building resilience, and dropping the irrelevant thoughts that tangle us up and cause distress, pain, and illness.

Are you busy Sunday mornings?

Join a 6 week online Level 1 CFQ Qigong program January 24-February 28 on Sunday mornings from 8:30-10:30 am AST. Learn more and register. If you've already taken Level 1 with me, you can register at a reduced rate and use this time to deepen your practice and understanding of the healing within you.

I'm holding a spot for you to take care of you.

Learn more and Register


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